Equiano Group

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As children, we have always been told to ‘do as we are told’, but where is the fun in that!? Equiano Group aims to go ‘beyond boundaries’ with every new venture that it undertakes. We try to ‘think differently’ with every given opportunity.

Some of the greatest achievements in the 20th Century came about when somebody said ‘I think there’s another way’.

If you can’t go through it, go around it, under it, over it – but one thing is for sure… never give up.

As a micro-enterprise consisting of several very different business brands, it is clear that we like variation. No two days are the same in the Equiano Group office, and that’s what makes what we do much more exhilarating.

One day, we’re closing deals, the next day we’re working on an e-Commerce platform, the next day, we’re dropping beats not bombs, and the week before that we may have been in China, sizing up new products and materials!

So, if you have worked with any of our associated brands – we hope that you had a great experience, and feel satisfied enough to work with us again.

We look forward to it!